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            April 28, 2018


            Contact Diogenes

            We are a members club, run by volunteers who often have other commitments so please help us to deal with your contact enquiry effectively by using the right contact form, as shown below. Please?allow at least 24 hours for any reply to be forthcoming. ?Please do also remember to check your spam traps and junk mail?folders as occasionally we do get caught out by over zealous net nannies.

            PLEASE NOTE:? We NEVER admit any visitors without a prior appointment. Please do not come to the club without having arranged your visit in advance? – you will not be admitted, and we do not wish to disappoint.??

            Membership Enquiries / Trial Visits?

            Camping and Holiday Visits?

            Publicity and Public Relations

            Web Support

            Other General Enquiries

            Our Club’s location can be found here