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            April 28, 2018

            Holiday Enquiries

            Holiday Enquiries

            Your relaxation starts here – contact us to book your pitch at our beautiful club!

            Camping enquiries:

            **PLEASE NOTE:? Due to the current coronavirus pandemic, we are? not accepting any bookings for holidays.? We will be open as soon as restrictions are lifted and we look forward to welcoming you then.**
            We have a dedicated answer phone service in operation, please leave your detailed message not forgetting your preferred contact details as this information is immediately emailed to the necessary remote support staff who can then deal with your enquiry in a timely fashion.
            Please note: In order to camp with us, you will need to provide photo ID (such as a passport) and proof of home address (and for caravan and motorhome/campervan ?bookings a BN/INF card).
            To preserve the peaceful tranquillity of our grounds, and out of consideration for all of our members or naturist camping visitors, we do not allow any animals to be brought into our club grounds with the exception (with prior arrangement), of registered assistance dogs with their owners.
            We accept payment by cash,?cheque or card.
            For international enquiries: +44 1494 857602
            For domestic enquiries: 01494 857602

            Good to know: More information about Camping at Diogenes

            Please complete this form to make a camping or holiday visit.

            Places are generally available during the summer but we would appreciate at least 7 days notice if you are intending to visit us.

            Please note that we can accommodate up to 5 caravans, and that these considerations apply and are good to know in advance of your visit.